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Título de la oferta: Scientific Writer

Categoría: Redacción

Empresa: Arcadia

All Our Positions Are Volunteer Based As Arcadia Follows Non For Profit Aims For Its Missions.

Volunteership Contract Duration Is 1 Year Term With Possible Extensions.

Who we are & What do we believe?

Arcadia is a non– profit organization that aims to share and spread academic content to people all around the world. It focuses on diverse sub– categories across all disciplines, from art, literature and history, to science as well as providing art contents on social media platforms. At Arcadia, the academic team consists of over 70 international writers and 218 members. Arcadia does write in many fields with Higher Education Academic level articles with the aim of sharing the knowledge our team has, to allow all the people around the globe to benefit from this knowledge without any charges or subscriptions. 


Why Is This Position Remote / Online?

We believe that the internet is one of the greatest resources people have, giving us the opportunity to exceed our physical boundaries. Arcadia welcomes all regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age. We embrace diversity and as an international NGO with more than 59 different nationalities, our aim is to support diversity in our teams and give people all around the world the chance to work and grow in their fields of interest.

Arcadia positions began remote/online due to the COVID– 19 pandemic and remain so to enable people all around the world to have the opportunity to work with us. 


Who We Are Recruiting For Position?

We, as Arcadia, are looking for people who are interested in gaining experience working with our writers department. You must provide supporting resumes for the position together with samples of your work. We are aiming to hire ten (10) people for our writers team, internationally.


As a writer at Arcadia, you will be collaborating with our editorial department with the goal of producing high– quality academic articles. Working under the supervision of the Head of Writer’s Department and in collaboration with the Chief Academic Advisor and the Art Consultants, you will be expected to be autonomous in your work but also able to effectively collaborate with various department members during the publication process. You will be responsible for submitting a weekly article that meets academic standards as well as implementing feedback and suggestions from your editors. In your work, you will use platforms such as Google Drive and Wix throughout the publication process.

If you are looking for a graduate position that will really give your career a boost, in an international organization which genuinely cares for its members, then this is the role for you. We are looking for undergraduates who are enrolled at a Bachelor’s program or graduates with passion and enthusiasm, willingness to learn and the drive to succeed in an international organization where they can mature hands– on experience in the field of writing and publication.


Soft Skills & Strong Skills:

● Strong communication skills with fast response to your editors

● Build strong relationships and trust with editors and colleagues. 

● Excellent writing skills, as well as strong grammar and creative writing knowledge.

● Can respect weekly deadlines for content submission. 

● Participate in monthly online meetings.

● Good communication on necessary information with Editorial and executive team members regarding your articles and drafts.

Researching and Communicating: Editors and writers are paired based on their bachelor degree background. Writers must be able to write 1 (one) article per week with a minimum length of 1000 words using APA reference style within the writer’s area of expertise. Writers will learn new information and will be guided and assisted by editors while working collaboratively with art consultants and academic advisors.

Implementing Feedback: Writers must review feedback provided to their article drafts in advance to publication, and demonstrate the ability to accept and implement criticism and feedback. They must also show willingness to learn and grow in the role

Time management: Writers are required to respect the demands of the role (1 article a week) as well as quality standards. This means being able to present a well documented, structured and complete weekly article on a topic of choice within the writer’s area of expertise. Writers should also be able to analyze and implement feedback from editors in a limited timeframe. Maintaining good and professional communication with editors is required. 

Creating a 101 Series: Writers are expected to present a proposal for 101 Series by their second week. The series will be composed of 6– 8 articles showcasing various discussions on a specific course from the writer’s academic curriculum. These articles will be published on alternating weeks until completion of the series. Writers must demonstrate both the capability to maintain an ongoing series as well write about a topic in– depth and from different approaches.

  • You can check our 101 series as examples via:– body– as– an– idea– in– ancient– greece– 101– the– culture– of– late– antiquity ”

● Writers will aim to publish a total of four articles a month, alternating writing one normal articles and one 101 articles every week.

● Other Relevant tasks as deemed necessary by the supervisor during your project. 

‘’ All Team Members Are Also Provided With Training For Their Positions ‘’ 


● The applicant is sometime at undergraduate or postgraduate level who can provide an official transcript of their degree and courses they have taken in English.

● The applicant must have strong knowledge of academic language and academic writing styles, specifically APA.

● The applicant must be willing to commit to Arcadia’s mission to provide high– quality content to people who desire to learn the beauty of Art and support Arcadia’s motto to promote free education for all, especially for those who can’t afford it. 

● The applicant must demonstrate sensitivity to cultural, gender– based, religious, racial, national, and age matters.

● The applicant must show high standards of integrity and discretion. 

● The applicant must be willing to join regular department meetings and respect project deadlines. 


What We Offer:

● An online certificate with an international serial number after completing 1 Year in Arcadia.

● Providing support from editors to help the writer during the publishing process.

● Support from Art Consultants on images and cover pictures for articles.

Writers will be fully and transparently credited for every article published with full name and picture. Writers will also be credited in the Arcadia website “Writers” section. For example

● The applicant must be willing to work flexible hours with project– based deadlines, which would enable you to choose the time to work. ( 8 – 10 Hours In A Week with deadlines at the end of the week) 

● New Members will be attending training and induction sessions from our senior team members and department heads. 

● Applicants will have the chance to be a part of our volunteer organization and the satisfaction of bringing good and knowledge to the world. 

● Published article will be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and ByArcadia’s website with more than 120.000 active readers and over a million views.

● Successful applicants will benefit from a unique experience in the writing field by incorporating Arcadia into their existing career paths.


Arcadia is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, familial status and other legally protected characteristics.


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