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Título de la oferta: Editor (Volunteer)

Categoría: Redacción

Empresa: Arcadia

Who are we and what we believe in:

Arcadia is a non– profit organisation whose main objective it to share and spread high– quality content to people who are curious and willing to learn from all over the world. We focus on diverse subcategories, mainly in art, literature, history and philosophy. Our team of writers and editors are specialised in the area they write about, to assure the provided knowledge is backed– up by their academic, and even labor, background.

Our international team of over 70 writers and 35 editors consistently share their knowledge through high– end essays, that we publish weekly on our website for the world to read and learn from. As previously mentioned, we cover a variety of topics in stand– alone articles, and through introductory series on broad subjects. Our main goal is sharing our wisdom beyond borders, and all this, at no charge.

Why is the position remote?

We believe that the internet is one of the greatest inventions that enables people all around the world to exceed physical boundaries and communicate. Arcadia relies on a team of members coming from more than 14 different nationalities. We welcome any ethnicity, gender, religion, as we believe this supports our global cultural background and makes us rich in diversity.

Arcadia, positions are remote/online due to the COVID19 pandemic, as well as to enable people all around the world to have the opportunity to join our team.

Who are we looking for:

At Arcadia, we’re looking for curious people who would be interested in being an editor. We are looking to hire 5 persons that have the following qualifications:

  • Proofreading: editors must read several articles and be able to fix grammatical mistakes that their writers may have done.
  • Researching and communicating: editors and writers are paired based on their background. As editor, you must be able to contrast the writers’ information and guide them.
  • Reporting: editors are required to submit a weekly report about their writers and their articles. Reports should provide feedback about topics such like communication with their writers, constructive criticism on their pieces, and pointing out areas of improvement.

All team members will be provided a training session for their position.

Required set of skills:

  • Editors are assigned between 2 and 7 writers, which equals to a maximum of 14 articles per week that need to be edited, proofread and published. Editor must be available for their writers during the writing process to answer questions or doubts about the article’s content.
  • Editors must be able to build strong relationship and be trustworthy for their teammates and superiors. As they must be able to help their writers, they must also be able to help the head departments giving feedback on relevant exchanges.
  • Editors will need to learn Arcadia’s Editorial Guidelines, as well as citations guidelines and be able to apply these guidelines to the articles. Writers are too aware of these guidelines, but it’s the editor’s responsibility to enforce these if writers have missed them. It’s crucial to give feedback to the writers on their mistakes.
  • Editors may be requested to be the back– up for other departments, and some tasks include, but are not limited to, posting job announcements on virtual platforms, developing interview kits, drafting offer letters, etc.
  • Editors are required to be open to criticism, as well as looking for ways to improve themselves working with other departments.


  • Be committed to Arcadia’s mission to provide high– quality content to people who are curious and willing to learn from all over the world
  • Be sensitive and open to cultural, gender, religious, ethnical, national, and age differences.
  • Be willing to join on regular department meetings, and be disciplined on deadline projects.
  • Have high standards of integrity and discretion.

What we offer:

  • An online certificate with international serial number, after completing 6 months in Arcadia.
  • A flexible schedule based on deadlines– based projects. Weekly workload of around 3 to 4 hours.
  • Training sessions from our valuable and well– experienced team members.
  • Being part of our volunteer– based organisation, and the satisfaction or contributing and doing good to the world.

Arcadia is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, familial status and other legally protected characteristics.


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