Country Leader 路 Lead Noona expansion in Spain

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T铆tulo de la oferta: Country Leader 路 Lead Noona expansion in Spain

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Hey, 馃憢

We are Noona, a small Icelandic company with big aspirations.

Our mission is to help locals everywhere create meaningful business relationships. Today, we鈥檙e working towards that mission by making the lives of everyone that run businesses through appointments, and their customers, as seamless as possible.

After fulfilling last year鈥檚 goal of making our products ready for international scale, we decided to make this year’s goal to “help 1.000+ merchants around the world鈥.

We recently raised our second round of financing and expanded our operations into Portugal and the Czech Republic. Next up, lovely Espa帽a.

For us to reach our goal, we鈥檙e going to need somebody unique to lead our expansion in Spain.

Are you up for a challenge? 鈿

How would you contribute to Noona鈥檚 team?

The role of a Country Leader is an intense one. After all, introducing a new product to a market is one of the hardest challenges to face in business, and that鈥檚 exactly what this role requires you to do with Noona in Spain.

But I promise you this – if you manage to do it, you鈥檒l look back upon your journey confident that it was more than worth it.

One of the hallmarks of the role is how diverse it is. You鈥檒l learn a ton of different skills, all valuable on their own. Here are a few of the 鈥渉ats鈥 you鈥檒l need to wear as a Country Leader:

Sales & Relationship building

  • Use and evolve your sales skillset to close the first couple of pilot鈥 customers in Spain and help, guide and onboard future sales鈥 agents
  • Get to know our customers personally, get to know their problems intimately and become an expert in how our product improves their lives.
  • Build and refine our customer success processes with the intention of making our customers happy.
  • Help with marketing, chiefly by managing events, helping us with digital advertising, and building and maintaining referral programs.
  • Decide and implement strategies and tactics that are uniquely suited to the Spanish market.

Product expertise

  • Prove that there is a product鈥 market fit between the Spanish market and Noona鈥檚 products.
  • Work closely with our product team, data team, and management – making sure the needs of the Spanish market are heard loud and clear throughout the company.
  • Understand the competition and what Noona鈥檚 unique differentiator is in the eyes of Spanish customers.

People Management

  • Find, hire, and onboard high鈥 quality contributors – starting with a high鈥 performing sales team.
  • Make sure Noona鈥檚 values and principles are celebrated and upheld in Spain.
  • Create a working environment that helps people find purpose in their work.
  • Promote, facilitate, and maintain the motivation of the sales team to ensure their engagement.
  • Mentor and coach team members and help them grow.

In the end, if all goes well, you鈥檒l end up working closely with sales, marketing, and customer success teams that you alone were responsible for building.

What would make you thrive?

  • You are an achiever and a goal鈥 oriented person. You鈥檙e excited about the prospect of working long, hard and smart.
  • You are creative and have an innovative mindset. You get ideas easily. But you鈥檙e also assertive enough to turn ideas into action, and open enough to admit when those ideas don鈥檛 work – always ready to try the next one.
  • You鈥檙e open and honest, towards yourself and others. You embrace and give feedback as the gift it is.
  • You demand and strive for continuous improvement, from yourself and those around you.
  • You鈥檙e excited about the idea of building something new from scratch and have an entrepreneurial spark within you.
  • Speak and write native Spanish and fluent English (we are an international company, after all)

Bonus points if you 馃専

  • Read and or write a lot, we love people in continuous learning and improvement.
  • Take good care of your physical and mental health.
  • Have previously worked at a high鈥 paced startup.
  • Know how SaaS businesses operate.
  • Have previous experience in either sales or customer success/support.

Why join?

  • Culture – More than our products, more than our brand, Noona is at its core a group of people. A group of diverse, unique individuals working together on a shared mission along with shared values: Growth, Impact, Quality, Honesty, Egolessness, Caring, Judgement, Accountability, and Purpose. If you want to dive deep into our culture, please feel free to check The Noona Way document
  • Salary – We are thinking of a 30 – 45K鈧 gross per year + bonus, but we are open to discussions. Our focus is to find the best young talent Valencia has to offer.
  • Work collaboration – We are open to freelance collaboration or another type of work contract.

Please, don鈥檛 apply for this job if you鈥檙e looking for a comfortable role, like taking a walk in the park. This position is more about breaking down your own boundaries and testing everything you still have to learn!

If it sounds exciting, we look forward to hearing from you! 馃ぉ


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