Content Writing Volunteer (Climate Change)

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Título de la oferta: Content Writing Volunteer (Climate Change)

Categoría: Redacción

Empresa: Climate Change Writers

Climate Change Writers want to reach the world. We are writers from all over the planet, and our goal is to create awareness about the impact climate change is having on our lives in ways that leave no details out.

We believe that only by doing this can we set things straight and prepare to utilise our planet’s resources in ways that are sustainable and efficient.

The role:

You will be an independent writer capable of working entirely remotely, allowing you to log in from anywhere and enjoy a flexible arrangement that suits you.

Content crafted by you will be published on our blog as well as other blogs and sites in a bid to educate people.

Core responsibility:

* Crafting well– researched and revealing articles about the effects of climate change.

About you:

* You are passionate about the environment and are inspired to advocate for behavioral change..

* You are comfortable writing about the effects of climate change on your environment.

* You are committed to giving time to volunteering remotely.

To be a success in this role, you will need:

*Excellent writing skills, including impeccable spelling and grammar.

* Great time management

* Solid attention to detail”

* Strong capability of working towards clear goals.


* You will be promoted as a champion actively driving the climate change narrative.

* You will be awarded certificates as proof of your outstanding contributions (dependent on your outputs).

* You will become a well– rounded advocate on issues concerning climate change.


This is a voluntary position, i.e., there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind.


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